About Review Ratings

Personally, I don’t like the numeric star ratings that you typically find on book/novel reviews. I think they don’t really encapsulate the value of a work. Instead, I use an alternative rubric which you can find below.

Rating Explanation
Must-Read Essential reading for any fan of speculative fiction.
Highly Recommended High-quality, enjoyable work that is worth checking out. Great stories that have the potential to win over skeptics of the genre.
Recommended A solid effort that will please fans of the genre. Your life will not be changed, but you won’t regret spending the time.
Recommended for Fans Maybe you’ll like this, maybe you won’t. But you’ll be more likely to like it if you are a die-hard fan of a niche genre.
Not Recommended This is bad. There is nothing here that is redeeming and I cannot conceive of it being enjoyed by anyone.
Recommended Ironically You have to read/watch this, but not for anything intentional on the part of the artist, because I am an emotionally bankrupt member of a cynical generation.